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An Open Letter to Star Wars

By Pranks Paul

Hello, big fan of your work.  That’s a bit of an understatement.  I’ve been a fan of this galaxy since I was a just a youngling.  I live and breathe it.  But my bona fides are not why you should listen to me.

You should listen to me because I’m a person who is invested in something you create.  And right now, I’m really disappointed in you as an entity.  You see, you’re not doing enough to make people feel comfortable in your galaxy.  And that’s the wrong way to approach things, not just from a moral perspective, but from a business perspective.

I’m a straight non-white male with immigrant parents.  Many of my friends who I have met in your fandom are PoC, women, and/or LGBT.  One of the ways you can create more fans for your property is to show these fans people that resemble them.  These fans are more likely to go see a movie or a TV show that has people that they can identify with, which translates to more money for you.  I’m not talking about myself.  I would have gone to see Rogue One even if the cast didn’t include Bodhi Rook.  But there is probably a young South Asian kid who is much more excited about the movie because there is a pilot that looks like him.  And that sells tickets.  Also, if it matters, it’s the right thing to do.

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Hello Podawans, and welcome to Never Tell Me the Blogs!  This is a new series of columns written by the NTMtP community.  This was the brainchild of Paulomi S. Pratap — she’ll be editing these columns, and she and I will work together to approve and post them.

Something you’ll notice pretty quickly about our columns is who’s writing them. We prioritize pieces written by women, non binary folk, and people of color. NTMtP is meant to be an inclusive platform for all things Star Wars, and that goal extends to this blog.

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