New Posting Schedule

Hey everyone, Paulomi here!

After a talking with Pranks, we decided that Blogs will be posting every other week, to coincide with the new NTMtP schedule. This’ll give our writers a little more time between posts to work on their articles and get you better content.

Thanks for reading along with us!

If you’r at all interested in writing for blogs, please message either me (@PaulomiSP) or Pranks (@roguetldr) on twitter!

Thank you all!


Hello Podawans, and welcome to Never Tell Me the Blogs!  This is a new series of columns written by the NTMtP community.  This was the brainchild of Paulomi S. Pratap — she’ll be editing these columns, and she and I will work together to approve and post them.

Something you’ll notice pretty quickly about our columns is who’s writing them. We prioritize pieces written by women, non binary folk, and people of color. NTMtP is meant to be an inclusive platform for all things Star Wars, and that goal extends to this blog.

If you want to submit to Never Tell Me the Blogs, contact me at @roguetldr or Paulomi at @PaulomiSP, or shoot an e-mail to