The Mother Ship

By Alex

This year for Mother’s Day, I decided to spend the day having a Star Wars Marathon because I was much too busy to dedicate the time to the movies on May the 4th. I generally insist on watching everything in chronological order. This left me starting my day with just shy of seven hours of prequels, and I’ll not be the first to admit that they are not my favorite films. Fortunately, there are some fairly interesting interactions in Episodes I through III to ease the sting. I particularly found myself watching the ways in which the mothers in Star Wars interact with the story and what benefits their stories give to the overall plot.

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New Posting Schedule

Hey everyone, Paulomi here!

After a talking with Pranks, we decided that Blogs will be posting every other week, to coincide with the new NTMtP schedule. This’ll give our writers a little more time between posts to work on their articles and get you better content.

Thanks for reading along with us!

If you’r at all interested in writing for blogs, please message either me (@PaulomiSP) or Pranks (@roguetldr) on twitter!

Thank you all!

Panel Discussion

By Abby, Pranks, Beka, and Livi

As is the case with most of Star Wars’ universe, the galaxy of Star Wars comics is a big one. Starting all the way back in 1977 with Marvel’s original 107 issue run, comics have long played a significant part in developing new canon and telling stories in the universe. Now, with the license having returned after legacy with Dark Horse Comics, Marvel is working overtime to expand that already massive back catalog with new canon. There are currently almost twenty ongoing and short series books, ranging from short form character studies to sprawling chapters of a rapidly evolving universe. Like most of the new canon material, Star Wars comics are lovingly made – the inarguably talented people behind these stories like Star Wars a whole lot.

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By Olivia


It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of something of a renaissance in terms of Star Wars books. Aftermath and associated titles have been far better than they have any right to be, and high profile fantasy authors like Ken Liu are also going to be contributing to the established canon (I am SO excited for his take on Luke Skywalker). So it’s only fair, I think, that Star Wars fans travel in the other direction, too: take a look outside of the galaxy far, far away and into the worlds imagined by other writers. There’s so many amazing sci fi books out there right now- plenty to tide us over until The Last Jedi and associated materials come out!

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Stuck in the Middle with Bendu

by Madge

There’s an ongoing debate within the Star Wars community about which side of the Force is better: the Light or the Dark. It’s not always a discussion of power, but more of morality – a question of what is a better path to follow.  The Jedi are typically seen as the good guys, the champions for the Light side and fighting for peace in the galaxy. They’re also known for incredibly shadowy practices done for that dubious and questionable Greater Good. Things like keeping young kids from their families, and telling them that emotions are bad – both of which are pretty yikes-inducing. On the other side of the spectrum are the Sith, the ‘bad guys’ who believe in promotion of the self over others, and work towards breaking chains. They’re also the ones who build up a massive totalitarian Empire (helmed by Emperor Sheev “Rules are Optional” Palpatine).  Each side has their merits, and they’ve been discussed at length on Never Tell Me the Pods Episodes 3 and 22, so I won’t get into that too much. Instead, I want to  focus on what happens when a Force-user falls in the middle of the spectrum: the Gray Jedi.

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