Collected Excerpts from “Thrawn: Corragins”

Compiled by Dan Enders

“Don’t Chiss and Tell” page 547

“Uuueghh,” Corran Horn ejaculated, as he fell into Tabitha’s arms. He dropped his lightsaber, and as it fell, the corrupted red faded back to its natural pure white. 

Tabitha smiled. “You’re lucky I learned to dance like that on Tatooine,” she said, as she tied his trademark headband back to his sweaty brow. She could see the ink like evil of the dark side leave his eyes, returning to them to the deep blue she knew – and loved. 

“wait… what about…Thrawn!?” Corran choked out the words as he came to.

“Gone, but he’s definitely going to need a few days to get over me.” snarked Gunk Mudboat, as his muscular and oily frame entered the room.

“Thrawn: Corragins” page 226
(The prequel to the first part, told from Gunk’s point of view)

Gunk’s knuckles cracked as they made impact with the blue flesh of Thrawn’s chest. He looked up at his opponent, expecting a grimace, but instead only saw the wry satisfaction of a true combatant. He had met his match.

“Oh, Gunk. You know how this plays out. When will you learn to stop this?” 

Gunk roared and threw another wild swing, his deeply tanned human-ish arms going wild. “I’ll stop when you tell me what happened to Corran’s family!” Thrawn deftly caught Gunk’s fist, clasping his oily arm and bringing him close into an expertly executed grapple.

“They’re dead, Gunk.” he whispered, almost tenderly. “They’re so dead.”

“Chiss from a Rose”, page 761

Gunk stared down the crevasse long after the echoes had faded. 

“Hey, let’s go!” Corran shouted from the ramp to the Bloodsport. “These plans for the fourth Death Star aren’t going to deliver themselves!”

Gunk climbed into the ship along side his oldest friend. No, not friend anymore. After what they had been through, they were brothers now. 

As the Bloodsport rocketed off of the asteroid’s remains, Tabitha put her hand on Corran’s shoulder. “I can’t believe he’s really gone,” she sighed.

Gunk grunted. “Still, a part of me hopes Thrawn will come back, though. I’d like to vape him myself.”

“Thrawn: Corragins: Book IV: Sins of the Brother: Betrayals.” Page 159

Corran brought his arms up to shield his face from the burst of steam released from the massive machine in front of him. As he brought his hands down, he heard Tabitha whisper a curse, his ears confirming his worst fears before his eyes could.

Gunk was standing next to the control panel, his hand still on the release button. The soft sound of bare feet descending the metal steps broke the silence for them.

“I’m sorry,” Gunk sighed, his eyes locked on the naked blue figure approaching them. “We need him.”

“Come now, boys” Thrawn proclaimed. “Let’s take down the Cyber Emperor.”

Please enjoy THIS dramatic reading of these excerpts, plus a whole lot more.


Before discovering Gunk Mudboat, Dan Enders lived a normal life as a podcaster and amateur game designer. He also edited a collection of micro-games to raise money for the ACLU. You can find him on twitter @daninrl,


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