Given that the vote on the amendment of the Council scheduled for June 21 2018 and also in June, probably will vote in the EP countries will have to be applied from July or August 2020 r.Obecne rules require that a posted worker receives at least the minimum salary in the host country, but all social contributions escorted in a state that it sends.

Given that the vote on the amendment of the Council scheduled for June 21 2018 and also in June, probably will vote in the EP countries will have to be applied from July or August 2020 r.Obecne rules require that a posted worker receives at least the minimum salary in the host country, but all social contributions escorted in a state that it sends. Proposed amendment to the rules in this case provides for payment of compensation on the same basis as in the case of a local worker. this proposal was presented to the European Commission in March 2016 roku.Komisja stressed that the new directive is an expression of support for the Commission’s overarching principle – equal pay for equal work this the workplace. Some EU countries, including Poland, argued that the desire for revision of the Directive is, in fact, economic protectionism European countries Zachodniej.Pracownik seconded temporarily sent by his employer to perform services in another EU Member State. In 2016 the EU had 2.3 million posted workers. With unofficial reports indicate that a vote against the directive on Monday were: Poland, Luxembourg the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Finland. But it was not enough to block the entry into force of the regulation. They abstained from voting: Belgium, Estonia and Slovenia.

In February, in Brussels, representatives of the EU agreed on the controversial regulations on copyright. Eight countries, including Poland and Italy, spoke out against the proposed legislation. But this was not enough to block the entry into force of the new law. It was the only one of the stages of the legislative process. In the next stage, a few days later, in February, representatives of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Commission concluded a compromise on the final shape of the new regulations. This compromise in March endorsed the EP plenary session. The compromise, however, have yet to approve the member states finally what happened on Monday.

The biggest controversy in the wake Directive Articles 11 and 13. Article 13 introduces mandatory content filtering for copyright, whereas Article 11 refers to the so-called. related rights for press publishers. The first is most often invoked in the context of threats to freedom of expression on the Web. Under the changes to the provisions of Article. 13 will not be covered: encyclopedias Internet, for example. Wikipedia, archives, educational and scientific platform passive (ie. The service in the cloud for individual users as Dropbox) platform in an open access platform sales as eBay and Amazon, and all platforms, whose main the goal is not access to copyrighted content (eg. online dating) or storage.

Platform covered by Article. 13, should sign licenses with the owners of the copyrighted content. If the platform does not receive such a license will have to remove the content specified by the rights owner. If the platform does not fulfill the obligations, will be responsible for illegal content entered by users. Regulations do not, however, be covered by work such as Internet memes, gifs, etc. Art.

11, described by opponents as a tax on the links refers to what elements of journalistic article can be published by content aggregators without paying royalties. The regulations require that platform, eg. Facebook, pay copyright holders for content posted by users or kasowały such materials. Press publishers will be able to negotiate a license with platforms and content aggregators. The new law does not apply to personal and non-commercial use press texts by individual users, it also applies to hyperlinks, and with them a short extract from the article. Under the provisions of publishers have an obligation to share the proceeds of the new law with the authors of the publication. Last week on Thursday at a meeting of EU ambassadors in Brussels, Poland has expressed opposition to the proposal for a Directive on copyright.

According to unofficial information, the Polish position was subsequently supported by the Netherlands, Finland, Italy and Luxembourg. Poland emphasized – as reported EU diplomat – that although the purpose of the new regulations was to strengthen the functioning of the common market, stimulating innovation, creativity, investment and the creation of new content in the digital environment, the Directive adopted in shape will not achieve this aim properly. Representative of the Polish diplomacy also pointed out at the meeting – as the source said – that the Directive adopted in shape does not provide the right balance between copyright owners and the interests of EU citizens and businesses. In spite of so many cases of kindling fire in the places where every man is present, only 1% of our population has any fire extinguishers in their homes. Thus, 99% of us do not realize the magnitude of the losses, not only material, but also health, which can cause a fire. However, following the motto of PartGroup “Every great fire has a small beginning” having handheld fire extinguishers, which will allow us to react quickly, we are able to protect ourselves, our family and our house against the threat of fire.

So far, there was no such product on the market – effective and intuitive to use, which would be able to extinguish a wide range of fires, including electrical appliances, and at the same time safe for humans and the environment. – “No art today is to create something effective. The trick is to create something effective and safe for humans and the earth “- is the motto under which the product has been created, which is iBlockFire®. The primary objective of the company PartGroup, the producer spray extinguishing iBlockFire® is to change the statistics and increase safety and awareness. Causes of fire are many, but almost every fire can be extinguished in the bud – says Piotr Gertych, owner of Radom PartGroup originator and creator iBlockFire®. Seven years ago, it established the vision to create pop-up, simple to use fire-fighting equipment. Just two years later, the works were started, which were related to dozens of tests, testing and certification. In this way, the innovative iBlockFire®, which in 2017 officially went on rynek.To handheld fire extinguishers, which means to fight fire is innovative gel foam. iBlockFire® is the world’s first 100% biodegradable spray extinguishing.

Since the center is fully secure, it also can be applied to human skin. The consistency of the gel foam makes it less susceptible to the wind, adhering to the surface of cuts off oxygen and thus extinguishes the fire in the bud and prevents re-ignition. It is also a reusable device, if the fire is not used in full, it can be used again. It is very easy and intuitive to użyciu.Z due to its features and functionality, iBlockFire® can be found in the equipment of each apartment, a car, many sectors of industry, tourism, and the uniformed services, for which the company has developed and patented a dedicated case for iBlockFire® . It is already equipped Visegrad Group countries, the intelligence services of the Czech Republic, as well as other institutions, such as. WZL2. The intention of the manufacturer is to have it all defense departments and public institutions in Polsce.iBlockFire® is designed to extinguish the fire until 5 groups: A (wood, paper, textiles, rubber – eg.

Tire wheels for cars), B (chemicals, as gasoline, tar, acetone), C (gases and vapors gas – eg. propane) and F (fats and oils, vegetable and animal), and “E” – electrical and electronic equipment up to 1000 V. In addition, a property which enables the its use even at temperatures up to 80 ° C. High-quality components made it possible to obtain a product range of up to 8 meters, which allows you to use it in hard to reach miejscach.Co important, it is a Polish brand with global potential, as evidenced by the huge interest in international trade fairs, where the product is presented. iBlockFire® every week is gaining in popularity. – An important pragmatic aspect of our business is, of course, its sales at a level that we can develop. We are committed to obtaining business partners in distribution. They should be interested in it, for example, insurance companies, who every day face the damages caused by the fire. With the introduction of its offer iBlockFire® can scale up to minimize the risks and damage caused by the flames – P. Gertych notes, and adds: – But equally important goal is our mission that we have undertaken. Our intention is to make this product gave people a greater sense of security. It had to, but I never have to use.

Every 4 seconds, somewhere in the world a fire breaks out, every year, as a result, only in Poland, killed more than half a thousand people, is tens of thousands of different kinds of injuries, destroyed property and the environment. However, if we act early enough, having at hand an effective extinguishing agent, will not allow its spread. In addition to large losses and possible victims, you can avoid costly rescue and endangering the lives of people participating in them. iBlockFire® was created for people with a view to the Earth – says P. Gertch. Victoria Friday The rulers and deputies of Law and Justice are trying to postpone the decision on the final form of the draft presidential lowering the retirement age. All because the amendment of the Act of 17 December 1998. On pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (Journal of Laws of 2015. Pos.

748 as amended.) Will have an impact not only on the financial situation of the Social Insurance Institution or Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, but also on the condition of local governments. Local government revenues versus expenditures believe that lowering the retirement age brings to the community problems. Marek Wojcik, Deputy Director of the Office of the Association of Polish Counties, there is no doubt that one of the consequences of the entry into force of lowering the retirement age will shift to the local government unit costs associated with support for new retirees. – There may be about 600 thousand. The vast majority will have to benefit from social assistance because their income will drop dramatically. In this group are people receiving the lowest benefits, which will be eligible for various forms of support from social assistance centers – explains Marek Wojcik. – On the one hand extends the life of the age, which is obviously a very good phenomenon, but at the same time will be a longer period of support that local governments perform. This adjustment does not give them a single extra buck.

But the cost – adds. Local authorities also indicate that lowering the retirement age will reduce tax revenue. – At the moment, local governments are the beneficiary of almost half of the revenues from PIT paid by taxpayers. And that is why we demand the preparation of solutions, which will compensate to local governments the potential entry into force of this law – says Marek Wojcik. Forms of support from social assistance Source: Official Legal Newspaper accounts Difficult Experts have no doubt that local governments have the right. – Lowering the retirement age in the current demographic situation Polish is a bad solution. Fewer and fewer people will be working on already inactive. This in turn can cause the proceeds not only to the state budget, but also to the cashier local governments may be lower.

So it is not excluded that local governments are right, warning of increased spending on social assistance intended for the care of people passing in the future for retirement – explains Piotr Lewandowski, president of the Institute for Structural Research. – The problem is that there is no publicly available data, which would allow it to assess. For this reason, the government, the financial consequences of lowering the retirement age, should also take into account the problem – he added. Łaszek while Alexander, chief economist at the Civic Development Forum, notes that the problem stems from a simple local governments account. Active people not only earn more, but also more wydają.zobacz also lower the retirement age at the earliest in 2018. »ZUS should recalculate the benefits of earlier retirees” – Local governments will not only spend more on elderly people, but they will lose the tax revenue . Retirement is only for part of the last salary. Those who will have to maintain it, so limit your spending to a minimum, which directly translate into situations entrepreneurs shops and services, who pay taxes – explains Alexander Łaszek. – Today, however, it is difficult to estimate the scale of the problem. And so the best way to avoid such problems is to leave the current rules of retirement – he adds.

Help for pensioners It turns out that today social welfare centers have to support pensioners. Daniel Dybek, director of the Social Welfare Center in Nysa, is the beneficiary of those who are no longer economically active. – We can not predict how much they can still come after lowering the retirement age – says Daniel Dybek. – The most help are turning to us downloader lowest pensions who meet the income criteria to help społecznej- dodaje.zobacz also pushes pension system for social assistance. The benefits are not sufficient »were to be starvation, are high. Partial retirement boom »From 1 October 2015. Criterion for a single person is 634 zł, and in the case of families – 514 zł.

It happens that the support of the social welfare center uses marriage, in which only one person gets the minimum pension (from March 1, is 882.56 zł). For comparison, the minimum single holding social emeryckiego is 1079.42 zł, in the case of marriage – 895.24 zł. Wherein the minimum social index that measures the social cost of maintaining households. Yes, it was possible to satisfy the necessities of life at every stage of human development. And here begins the stairs. Now, as the notes Sebastian Matuszewski, head of the Social Welfare Center in the Bank, although people receiving the lowest pension from ZUS or KRUS exceed the income criterion for entitlement to aid, it did not have enough to live on. The implication is largely to rising food prices, energy, as well as a large expenditure on pharmaceuticals. – It happens that after buying medicines pensioners no longer have the money.

Then they come to us and try to help them. In particular, we support them in the winter when buying fuel. Many of our customers use it with care. Most are single people who need care and their families long ago left the Bank – adds Sebastian Matuszewski. – Pensioners in our care, not so much in need of financial support, which help in cleaning the apartment, shopping or cooking. If you are ill or infirm to enjoy babysitting or day care in nursing homes – explains Elizabeth Saskiewicz, director of the Social Welfare Center in Olsztyn. – Today, however, I can not predict how the situation will look like when the retirement age will be reduced. Legislative phase project presidential parliamentary committee Do you believe that the whole Bialowieza Forest is a national park?

If I did not believe it was not I would try for it for nearly 30 years.

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